“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” -Edgar Allen Poe

I dream by day.

I am a freeWitch Profile Pic 1lance writer, documentary filmmaker and owner of Boldly Gold Mining Company. As a writer I create content, edit and produce pieces for documentary style projects with Boldly Go Productions. I’m also a creative children’s book author and illustrator, have published non-fiction, fiction and poetry works and written articles for nonprofit publications, paranormal, scuba diving and skydiving magazines, including TAPS Paramagazine and The Parachutist. I contribute to blogs for animals, astronomy, ghosts, autism, extreme sports and personal interest among other topics. I write for the blog, You Endure​, am a co-host of Boldly Go Radio on the LiveParanormal network and a co-host of the monthly science and history broadcast, Boldly Go Beyond.

When I’m not writing or filming, I’m babying old skydiving injuries, riding horses, teaching archery lessons, giving lectures across the country and chasing either kids, ghosts or ancient gold veins.

I was once referred to as Indiana Jane. I’m ok with that.



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